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Winter Dietary Tips for Pups

To keep your pup healthy this winter, establish proper nutrition habits.
December 2017

The colder months are approaching, and it’s not uncommon to lose focus on diet and exercise. The same goes for your furry friends during the cooler seasons. To keep your pup healthy this winter, establish proper nutrition habits.

“Whether it’s the increase in holiday parties or the decrease in temperature, healthy eating routines typically fall to the wayside during winter — for humans and pets,” says Dr. Jeff Werber, a Los Angeles-based veterinarian. “In addition, it’s common for pet owners to stay indoors and out of the cold weather, which can negatively affect the daily activity and exercise required for dogs.”

Despite all the distractions and temptations of the season, it’s important to keep your dog on a steady diet that includes high-quality ingredients, each serving a purpose in his or her overall health, explains Dr. Werber.

He recommends the following dietary tips for your dog:

• For healthy skin and coat: A rich source of omega-6 fatty acids from chicken fat promotes excellent skin and coat health.

• For energy: A customized protein and carb mix contributes to healthy energy levels.

• For healthy digestion: Beet pulp promotes intestinal health and aids his or her ability to absorb nutrients.

Heading into the colder months, it’s also important to sustain your active habits, says Dr. Werber. “Bundle up, head outside and let a high-quality diet fuel both you and your dog,” he adds.

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