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When Packaging Changes, Pay Attention to Volume

If the packaging for your favorite products have changed, look at the weight to make sure you’re getting the same value.
Jen Freeman, June 2017

Have you ever opened a bag of chips and was shocked to see it half full? The problem is that we need to watch the actual volume on the packaging rather than what the packaging looks like because it can be an illusion.

Last week at the grocery store I purchased my favorite brand of snack crackers and noticed that the packaging had changed. It seems product packaging changes are happening quite frequently. When I brought the package of crackers home and compared it to the box of the same crackers in my cabinet, I realized they had decreased the product by an ounce yet the box shape and price had remained the same. As bottles and jars change, there are new added angles and designs that allow for the “look” to reflect the same size yet the amount of product you are coming home with is less.

Look at the weight of the product. If priced by the unit, see how many ounces you are buying to check pricing. This same idea works for products such as paper towels.

To bring home the same volume of product we did even a year ago takes a little bit of effort. Gone are the days of going to the store and putting items in your cart without having to understand packaging and marketing.

Jen Freeman is a couponing expert, television personality and lifestyle coach. You can visit her website at


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