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The Natural Lighting Company Has Exciting Plans for 2018

Brooke and Donald Nutting, owners of The Natural Lighting Company, pose for a photo in front of the new Solatube Whole House Fan model.
Briana Gomez, March 2018

The Natural Lighting Company, a family owned and operated business, is a Premier Dealer in New Mexico for Solatube products, installations and do-it-yourself kits since 1996. The products include Solatube Daylighting Systems, Solar Star Attic Fans and now, Whole House Fans that can help cool your enitre home. The Natural Lighting Company is also excited to announce they have started Radiance Home Services, a new division for all of your handyman needs.

Brooke and Donald Nutting, owners of the Natural Lighting Company, are excited about 2018 and the new changes that are happening this year. “Our new division, Radiance Home Services, is going to tackle all of those items on your home to-do list,” says Brooke. This division was created to satisfy customer needs, from general home repair and maintenance, to demolition and hauling, to preventative home care and rental make-ready. Radiance also offers seasonal maintenance and senior home services.

As Brooke explains, this all-encompassing handyman division provides comprehensive services not well met within the community.

The Natural Lighting Company is also excited to introduce the Solatube Whole House Fan, a new product line that is now available through their company. This cooling option is designed for pitched roofs where a large fan sits inside the attic space and pulls hot air from inside the home through a simple grate installed in your ceiling. It exchanges the air rapidly with fresh outside air. This powerful fan turns on with a remote control and is extremely quiet while fficiently refreshing the entire house.

The Whole House Fan also has insulated ducting — which helps reduce noise — and a powerful brushless motor that provides long-lasting strength and energy-efficient operation. This is an improvement over much noisier previous generations of whole house fans.

In the summer months the fan can also be used as a venting unit. It is designed for places that have overnight temperatures below 80 degrees, which is typical of New Mexico. In the winter months, it can be used to pull out stale, dirty air from the home. Cooking odors, pet dander and bacteria in the air are more of the many pollutants that also get filtered, creating an overall refreshed atmosphere in the entire home. The grate on the ceiling is easily removable and dishwasher-safe, ideal for quick and easy cleaning. “It’s ultimate design is to create a healthier home environment for you,” says Brooke.

While there are many new and exciting plans in place for The Natural Lighting Company, Brooke assures that they will still be the company to turn to for all Solatube needs. “We’re going to keep our main focus, as always, on the Solatube products,” she says.

The Natural Lighting Company will continue to sell and install Solatube’s round skylights which come in two different models to fit customers’ indivualized needs. The 290 Model tubes are designed for a working or reading quality of light and are typically installed in the kitchen and family room. The 160 Model tubes provide a soft, subtle pass-through quality of light and are generally installed in the bathroom or hallway. Solatube skylights now come in either a round or square reveal on the ceiling and there are multiple decorative lenses for the homeowner to choose from.

The Natural Lighting Company also offers an integrated solar night light model which has a smartphone sized solar panel that sits inside the tube and recharges two batteries all day long. This model provides a soft night light effect and qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit on the cost of the unit installed. Solatube skylights are installed in about two hours from start to finish and can be installed on pitched or flat roofs.

“We offer more and more solutions and have become more of a home solution company,” says Brooke, “We can brighten your home in two hours from start to finish.”

Brooke and Don Nutting purchased The Natural Lighting Co. business in 2010 and are eager to celebrate their 8th year as owners. They know their products extensively and know how to install it efficiently and effectively. All of their Solatubes come with a 5 year leak-proof guarantee and a 10 year product warranty. “And we’re excited that Solatube International has expanded their product line to offer more ventilation options in our market,” saysBrooke.

Give the Natural Lighting Company a call today at 505-294-5284, or stop by their showroom at 1724 Moon St. NE from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, Monday through Friday or 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Saturdays, they assure that you won’t be disaapointed.


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