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Teaching Tech to Toddlers

Most experts agree that children under the age of two probably shouldn't be introduced to technology quite that soon.
January 2018

If you’re a parent with a smartphone or tablet, it didn’t take long before your child first reached for your shiny device.

To your surprise, learning how to swipe and tap objects on the screen came quickly and naturally. It can be beneficial, for young children to have these interactions with technology but only with appropriate parental guidance.

How young is too young?

Most experts agree, however, that children under the age of 2 probably shouldn’t trade their rattles in for tablets. There are enough real-world interactions to keep them busy, and whether they play with blocks or pull the cat’s tail, these tangible experiences are important to their development.

Chances are he or she may already enjoy the privilege at preschool; many toddler day-care centers and preschools incorporate technology, from computers to tablets, into their curriculum.

Kids’ access to digital media

Whether at school or at home, most youngsters interact with screens before they turn 5. While the interactions are practically inevitable, significant parental and caregiver involvement can help steer them in the right direction, ensuring kids are exposed to content providing the best opportunities for learning.

Parental involvement

By using technology with your children, you’ll introduce them to beneficial content, while also bonding with them. Taking turns in a game or reading together on a tablet can help ensure technology is being used in a responsible way.

Fun and games

While education is key, it doesn’t always have to be about learning. Plenty of games combine learning and entertainment experiences that are fun for kids. Checking the ESRB age and content ratings is a great way to find appropriate games for kids of all ages.

As your little ones mature, their use of technology will certainly evolve. The breadth of content they enjoy will greatly expand, highlighting the importance of parental involvement in managing and monitoring their time with tech – (BPT).


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