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Simple Tips to A Healthier Holiday Season

Mindful choices can keep you healithier this season.
December 2017

Between all those holiday festivities and extra seasonal chores, it can be difficult to stay on top of your health. Here are some easy ways to prioritize wellness this time of year.

• Make Mornings Count: Evenings are especially busy around this time of year, so taking control of your mornings can be critical. On dark winter mornings, the hardest part about exercising can sometimes be just getting out of bed. Stay accountable by making workout plans with friends. Get your yoga-loving coworker to commit to a weekly class with you, or start a holiday steps competition at work to motivate yourself to move more.

• Strike a Balance: Exercise accounts for only about 25 percent of weight loss, while healthy eating accounts for 75 percent. Indulge yourself this holiday season, but also make smart choices. Go for the apple pie and eggnog, but pair them with healthier choices earlier in the day. Enjoy the shrimp cocktail instead of the cheese and crackers, or have a light breakfast of yogurt before the holiday feast. It’s all about balance; choose wisely and mindfully.

• Get Rest: The most wonderful time of the year can be the most stressful when you have parties to plan, gifts to buy and financial obligations. A University of Chicago study found that people overeat when they aren’t getting enough sleep. Take a breather, and when you can, get yourself to bed early.

Start the new year right. Have fun this holiday season, without neglecting your health



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