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Update Your Kitchen or Bathroom with Sandia Marble

Sandia Marble now offers products by Piedrafina Marble, which are made out of recycled marble. They are perfect for bathroom applications in residential and commericial settings, says owner Valerie Maes.
Franchesca Stevens, September 2017

When you first arrive at the Sandia Marble offices, located just north of Downtown, the exterior doesn’t seem all that different from much of the area — industrial brick buildings packed close together with few distinguishing traits. Once inside, however, it’s clear you’ve stepped into a home remodeler’s paradise.

In addition to a 21,500-square-foot manufacturing facility, the Sandia Marble offices include 3,500 square feet of showroom space, where customers can find granite and quartz samples in various settings as well as displays of ideas on how to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom.

For the past 18 years, Sandia Marble has provided homeowners with the best in granite, quartz, cultured marble, custom shower doors and state-of-the-art composites that intrigue even the most discerning eye. Current owners Valerie and Gilbert Maes bought the company three years ago, bringing years of business experience and expertise to the management and operations side of Sandia Marble.

Homeowners looking to update a kitchen or bathroom, or for contractors building or remodeling a home, the possibilities and variations available can be overwhelming. Fortunately, the company has a staff with extensive knowledge and experience to guide customers through the bewildering array of possibilities to precisely the right fit for their vision and budget.

Sandia Marble employs 20 people, a quarter of whom have been working at the company since it started. Much of the staff works in the installation division, says Valerie, which makes it easier to complete installations in one day. “This is important to many customers who might fear their home being under construction for a lengthy period,” she explains. “The quick turnaround means customers can enjoy their new granite/quartz countertops or renovated bathroom much more quickly.”

Valerie notes that it is not uncommon for customers of Sandia Marble to hire the company more than once to perform work on other areas of the home or recommend the company to friends, family and neighbors. “Throughout the years, as customers decide to renovate a second bathroom or kitchen, they call us back,” she says.

Part of the mission of Sandia Marble is to stay on the cutting edge of the latest products. Whether that is new man-made materials that can provide better customer satisfaction or training with new techniques in manufacturing or installation, Sandia Marble is always looking for ways to improve the experience that clients have, notes Valerie.

“We do have a new eco friendly product that we’re introducing into the market and it’s called Piedrafina Marble,” says Valerie. “It’s a recycled marble that’s perfect for bathroom applications in residential and commercial settings. We can make vanity tops out of it and shower or bath surrounds.”

Valerie says Piedrafina has been very well received throughout other parts of the Southwest, including California, Arizona and Texas. “It’s made to look like quartz material but without the high price point,” she adds.

Sandia Marble also fabricates many other items out of other manmade materials, such as Cultured Marble, Polystone and Tyvarian.

Cultured stone is a blend of stone particles and resins that have been combined with pigments to produce a wide range of colors and realistic, natural looking patterns. Unlike quarried stone, cultured stone is cast in molds to create specific pieces such as bathtubs, sinks, countertops, backsplashes, moldings and trim, seats, soap and shampoo holders, shower walls, and shower pans.

The molds are lined with a special gel coat that bonds to the mixture, creating a very hard, transparent surface. After the pieces have cured, they are removed from the molds and polished to shine or given a matte finish, depending on customer preference.

Because cultured products are cast, there are numerous options in terms of size, shape and edge treatments. And the final product is nonporous, meaning no need to seal year after year and no grout lines to clean or maintain. Just imagine swapping out a tiled shower for a grout-free option and the low-maintenance advantage of cultured marble becomes quite clear.

Valerie says one of the highlights of her work is seeing each part of her company working together to provide everything customers need. Unlike some of the company’s competitors, Sandia Marble fabricates everything in house rather than subcontracting parts of jobs out to other entities, she adds.

Sandia Marble is fully licensed, bonded and insured. The company is also a recipient of an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

If it’s time you upgraded your bathroom, kitchen, or are interested in the products and services Sandia Marble has to offer for residential or commercial projects, give them a call today and speak with an expert who will work with you from start to finish. Sandia Marble also offers seasonal discounts, special promotions, and in-home financing to those who qualify.

“Having everything in house from the manufacturing process to the scheduling process to the installation process, I think that sets us apart because we’re not having to subcontract out our services to other companies,” says Valerie. “It’s being able to tie it all together. Each and every day we are working to make somebody’s home what they want. We get so many calls and personal thank-you letters about the work that we’ve done.”

Sandia Marble is located at 1424 1st St. NW. Whatever your budget or your needs to make your house a unique showplace, give them a call at 843-7490 or visit their website at www.sandiamarble.com to see their extensive inventory of products.


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