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Rick’s Plumbing & Heating Co. Can Save Customers Money

Rick Carlisle spent 50 years working in the plumbing and heating industry before starting his own company, Rick’s Plumbing & Heating Co., last year.
Chris Mayo, September 2017

Something we might not think about very often is that every really good company was, at some point, a new business. We’ve all heard about the challenges facing fledgling businesses: about a third of them will fail, generating customer loyalty is a long slog, advertising and marketing are minefields of detail, etc.

Rick Carlisle started Rick’s Plumbing and Heating Co. about a year ago, fully aware of the challenges that new businesses deal with. Yet he began with confidence that he and his partners, who happen to be his two sons Donavaughn and Emerson, would be running a successful company.

“After working for 50 years in the plumbing and heating industry, I knew I had the experience and skill to run an HVAC company, and I was confident that our quality and professionalism would be high,” says Rick.

“My dad is a wonderful father to six kids and grandfather to nine grandchildren, two of which have special needs,” boasts Emerson. “He’s also a veteran of the Marine Corps. His business philosophy is not about making money but rather it’s about helping others, making sure our customers have working plumbing, heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.”

In addition to serving typical plumbing needs such as leaks and clogs, Rick’s Plumbing and Heating specializes in cooling systems, heating systems and boilers (water heaters). In fact, they install a lot of instant water heaters, which, according to Rick, have been a money-saver for his customers.

“Instant water heaters are a win-win proposition for customers,” he says. “When you add a hot water re-circulating system, not only do you save on your water bill because you aren’t running water while you wait for the hot stuff to finally come out of the faucet, but they’re more energy efficient than most standard water heaters. They pay for themselves.”

If you want to keep your existing water heater, that’s no problem either. Rick’s Plumbing and Heating Co. services and/or replaces those if needed.

“We don’t push customers toward any particular product or purchase,” says Rick. “If you need us to fix a leak, we’ll find the leak and fix it. If you think your cooling system might not be running at optimum performance, we’ll determine if it is or not, and if it isn’t, we’ll fix that. Same with your heating system.”

Rick says that Rick’s Plumbing & Heating Co. wouldn’t have been as successful as its been if his sons hadn’t agreed to join him at the helm. Donavaughn fills the role of managing the ins and outs of the plumbing and mechanical side of the business (day-to-day operations), while Emerson, who has a degree in business and more than 15 years of experience in operation management, focuses on marketing and customer relations.

“Emerson has done a fantastic job of raising our visibility in our service area,” says Rick. “I’m not sure how all that is done, but he was instrumental in having our website built and he has us on Facebook, in New Mexico MarketPlace magazine, and on the social media site Nextdoor, where our success there is due to the neighbors in the community recommending us dozens of times. Emerson is really good at informing people about what we do.”

While a lot of business is generated through various means, Rick says the bulk of their customers hear about them through word-of-mouth referrals, a sure sign that the company is providing great service. After all, it’s rare that someone will recommend a business unless they’ve been impressed and pleased with the service received. The same is true of repeat business.

“Donavaughn is mostly responsible for the repeat business and word-of-mouth,” says Rick. “He’s the one that makes sure we’re doing what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to do it, and at the agreed upon price.”

Whatever the needs of a customer, whether it be residential or commercial, Rick’s Plumbing and Heating’s goal is to serve those needs.

“Customers can count on the fact that we won’t give up on them,” says Rick. “If you’re without heat in the winter, we’ll stay there until you have heat. If you’re cooling system is acting up in the height of summer, we’ll be there to fix it. I guess you could call that one of our operating principles.”

“We have so much love and appreciation for our wonderful customers and clients, who’ve moved around their daily schedules to accommodate us and have allowed us to be successful,” adds Emerson.

He says Rick’s Plumbing and Heating Co. has received outstanding reviews online at Nextdoor, Google, Facebook, Square and Yelp.

Now is a great time to get ready for the cold weather. Schedule an appointment for a professional from Rick’s Plumbing and Heating Co. to inspect and maintain your furnace, so you know your family will be safe and warm this season. Give them a call at 985-9898. Customers are also encouraged to check out their website at www.ricksplumbingheatingco.com.


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