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Patience Pays Off: Wait to Use Your Coupons

Jen Freeman, April 2017

Nowadays, families are spending between $500 and $1,100 each month on groceries, including toiletries, cleaning products and pet items. That cost has been continually rising, which makes saving money at the store even more important. Using coupons can significantly decrease your monthly costs if you know how to beat the system.

One of the best-kept secrets to couponing is using the coupons at the right time. If you wait and use a coupon in conjunction with a store sale, you will get more bang for your buck. Here is an example: Let’s say salad dressing normally costs $3.49 and you have a $1 off coupon, you would still pay $2.49. But if you are patient and wait until the store puts that salad dressing on sale for $1.49, using that same $1 off coupon brings your out-of-pocket price down to 49 cents! As you can see, it pays to be patient.

When manufacturers send coupons to consumers, they know there are two types of shoppers.

One type of shopper will use the coupon right away. They cut out the coupon and head to the store.

The second type of shopper is more strategic with the coupons. They will wait to buy products when they are on sale.

The lesson here is to wait and use coupons on sale items.

Jen Freeman is a couponing expert, television personality and lifestyle coach. You can visit her website at


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