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Order Full Service Design and Construction at Jeebs & Zuzu

The Jeebs & Zuzu staff shows off their tools and kids at the company’s office in the Northeast Heights.
Patrick Rodriguez, August 2017

Another retro restaurant in Albuquerque? No, it’s just the offices of local architecture, design and construction firm Jeebs & Zuzu, where the interior is overcome with the decor of a 1950s-era eatery.

“We liked the process of going to a diner, where you are handed a menu, look at your options and order,” says

Ubaldo Muñoz, project manager at Jeebs & Zuzu.

But customers don’t visit Jeebs & Zuzu (located at 11030 Menaul Blvd. NE, Suite C) to order a burger, French fries and a milkshake. Instead, the company uses the menu concept to make it easier for clients looking to remodel any part of their home or business. If you’re considering updating your living room, for example, you can choose from flooring, paint and lighting options.

And the company recently added cabinets to its list of products offered. “We are sales representatives for Executive Cabinets,” explains Muñoz. “This allows us to have the power in ordering and time to receive selected cabinets. He adds Jeebs & Zuzu sells its own line of cabinets but doesn’t make them in house.

After making design and architectural decisions, customers can expect prompt, quality construction from the Jeebs & Zuzu team. “We know buildings, building technologies, construction and want to bring excellent service to projects at every level,” says Muñoz.

All menu items begin with a measurement of the space to be remodeled or built. Once the scope of the project is complete, the menu price includes project scheduling and management, permitting, construction and materials. “We love sitting down with customers and talking them through projects and the whole process,” says Muñoz. “Customers are very satisfied with this process, as well as the quality of the services and finances.”

Helping homeowners to achieve better results with their home improvement projects is what motivated Dave Hickman to start Jeebs & Zuzu in 2010. As a licensed architect, he realized among the general public there was a lack of knowledge when it came to building and construction services. “Customers wouldn’t know if the improvement ideas they had for their homes would cost $5,000 or $50,000,” he says.

Adds Muñoz: “We had conversations with a lot of customers who were receiving terrible customer service with their contractors. So we decided to get contractor licenses in an attempt to change the industry right, to make it better for our customers.”

The Jeebs & Zuzu staff includes contractors, creative interior designers and architects. Having a team that can answer all needs from start to finish is important to the company’s commitment to customer service, notes Muñoz. “When we take care of both design and construction, it’s much easier to communicate between teams and achieve the desired results,” he explains. “Because the same company that designed the construction also obtains the permits and oversees construction, adjustments can be made without having to go back and forth between numerous parties. We can make those changes because we are involved in all steps.”

Along with remodels for any area of the home, Jeebs & Zuzu also offers work for fireplaces and porches. “We’ve done a lot of fireplace work this year with new tile, new hearths, stone refacing, and new mantle additions,” says Muñoz. “We’ve also done porch remodels and additions. A project that we’re currently working on involves the addition of a large porch that integrates an existing home balcony. The goal is to create a gathering space for warm months and, with a fire place and overhead heater, make a comfortable spot during cold months.”

With Jeebs & Zuzu’s unique maintenance program, they can provide a number of services for projects they’ve completed. “We are not the type of business that will remodel your home and never see you again,” explains Muñoz. “We can come every season and provide maintenance to your cooler and heater. If you are our customer and need a faucet or toilet looked at, we can take care of that.” In fact, if a customer undergoes a Jeebs & Zuzu remodel, the team will also provide any two maintenance services from a list, from hanging pictures to hard-water removal from toilets and sinks.

Another benefit for customers is the variety and depth of craftsmen at Jeebs & Zuzu. “We often hire retired craftsmen workers,” explains Muñoz. “They’ve been in their field for many years, know their job and the work involved, and work very cleanly and efficiently.” He notes that bigger companies tend to stop hiring older, experienced craftsmen in favor of younger, greener employees. “We know the veterans are the guys doing the quality work,” adds Muñoz.

To start planning your dream home remodeling project, give Jeebs & Zuzu a call today at 797-1318 to setup a free consultation or visit www.



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