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Make Your Data Go Farther

Use Wi-Fi when accessing media on your smartphone to save data.
December 2017

Wireless providers would love for you to believe that a modern lifestyle requires an endless, unlimited stream of data; and by the way, they’d love to sell it to you. On its face, there’s probably nothing wrong with this assumption. Just think about how much of your day is spent on data-dependent activities, like streaming video or music, searching the Internet or using GPS on your smartphone. They all require data, in some form, to deliver what you need.

But in our fast-paced, plugged-in world, don’t lose sight of the fact that all of these things can actually be done while using far less, and sometimes even none, of the data from your wireless plan. This means that in just a few simple steps, you can save considerable money each and every month. Here’s how:

• Tame the video beast: The convenience of watching video on your smartphone can sometimes obscure an important fact: it’s a data glutton. Try connecting to a wireless network (Wi-Fi) instead. It’s widely available, and lets you stream without using any wireless data at all, often with a faster connection.

• Manage social media: Videos have also become a standard part of the social media experience. Adjusting your settings to prevent videos from playing automatically will prevent them from eating up your data. The steps to change this setting can vary between applications.

• Stream music without the guilt: Most all of the popular audio streaming apps today offer ways to listen to your music without having to use a network connection, or even Wi-Fi, such as allowing you to download your albums and playlists right to your device.

Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy streaming movies, listening to music and so much more while also keeping money in your pocket for things other than a colossal data plan.


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