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He’s Been Advised to Sell His Philco Console Radio

This Philco console radio from the 1930s has been valued in the $220 to $250 range.
Larry Cox, August 2017

Q: I have two War Ration Books, and I wonder if they are worth keeping or should I cash them in. — Helen, Decatur, Ill.

A: Millions of ration books were issued during World War II. They were intended to prevent the hoarding of such goods as coffee, sugar, meat and other items in short supply due to the war. Ration books generally sell in the $5 to $25 range, but unlike savings bonds, you can’t cash them in as you wish.

Q: I have two crocks that were made in Parkersburg, W.Va., by A.P. Donaghho. I believe they were probably produced in the 1940s. What could they be worth? — Leonard, Salisbury, Md.

A: Alexander Polk Donaghho moved to Parkersburg from Fredericktown, Penn., in 1870. He built a kiln there because of the rich clay deposits and continued in Parkersburg until 1903, when he ceased operations. Your crocks are more than a century old, much earlier than you suspected.

Donaghho is best known for his hand-decorated stoneware. He later used stencils, but it is his earlier pieces that bring record prices. A salt-glazed crock with a cobalt design recently sold at Cowwan’s Auction Company for $270.

Q: We have a 1939 Philco console radio. It is in a walnut cabinet and is the 39-116 model. I have been offered $600 for it. — Ken, Louisville, Ky.

A: Take the money and run. According to the Collector’s Guide to Antique Radios by John Slusser (Collector Books, $19.95), your radio is worth in the $220 to $250 range.

Q: I have some baseball record books called “Who’s Who in the Major Leagues,” by John Carmichael. The ones I have are 1944, 1945 and 1947. These are baseball history and I am curious about values. — Ken, Fort Worth, Texas.

A: Your baseball record books would retail in the $25 to $50 range, depending on condition.

Q: I have a World War I uniform in perfect condition. I have the campaign hat, gas mask and other accessory pieces. Whom do you suggest I contact to determine its value? — Andy, Norman, Okla.

A: Although there are dozens of excellent shops that specialize in military memorabilia, one of the better ones is “History by George” in Mesa, Ariz. George Notarpole is the owner and an expert in this field of collecting. He can help you determine the value of your uniform. Contact is 129 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ 85201;


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