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GMX Water Treatment Can Help You Say ‘Goodbye’ to Hard Water Worries

Larry Brown, owner and operator of R&L Enterprises, a premier GMX dealer, holds a display of a set of three GMX magnetic water conditioners.
Nora Hickey, March 2018

Hard water is a real issue for New Mexicans overwhelmed by buildup on their water fixtures, tired of expensive bills for heating their sediment-heavy hard water, and bothered by itchy, dry skin and hair. Fortunately for residents of the Land of Enchantment, there is a solution to all these hard water troubles in the form of the GMX water treatment system. Larry Brown, owner of R & L Enterprises Inc. and the premier dealer of the GMX system, has brought relief to thousands of residents in the state. In fact, many customers have been so pleased with their new, soft, water that they bought GMX for their families and businesses, says Larry.

Linda Barboa, a resident of Rio Rancho, became interested in GMX when she saw an ad and hoped it could be the solution to her hard water struggle. “I contacted Larry, and he has just been the nicest guy to work with. He’s so down to earth and honest,” Linda says. She remembers that Larry came to her home and showed her all the options for her house, and diligently worked to find the best solution.

Since he installed the GMX system that same day, Linda’s been enjoying the many benefits of soft water. “I’ve been very happy with the product. In fact, I recommended it to my daughter and she now has a system in her house — she’s really enjoying it too,” Linda says.

“And, I have a second daughter who is moving to New Mexico as well so I’m having GMX installed as a housewarming gift because I like the product that much!” Linda is dedicated and excited to be able to give her family relief from the hard water worries that plague New Mexico.

Linda’s daughter, Bianca Strong, confirms that her mother made the right choice in giving her the gift of GMX. “We live in the South Valley, with well water, and ever since Larry put in the magnets, you can feel it, taste it, see it! GMX softened up the water so well,” Bianca says, “We have a 1940’s era house with old pipes and we believed that’s just how the water tasted. But ever since the GMX solution, you can really feel the difference — we’ve never had such good water.”

Simply working with Larry was also a positive experience for the Strong family. “He’s just really a great person to work with — he is always letting us know well in advance when he’s coming over, checking up on us and reminding us when to follow up on things,” Bianca says.

Brown, a former researcher at Colorado State University, explains exactly why customers keep coming back to the GMX water treatment system. “Calcium is good for everything on earth except your plumbing. It’s hard on your plumbing because it forms a layered crystalline structure that turns to rock inside your home,” he explains, “After exposure to the GMX magnetic field, calcium crystallizes differently, it no longer forms the layers and does not cause the damage.”

Operated by Brown for 24 years, R & L Enterprises Inc. has brought relief to homes, schools, businesses and government buildings throughout New Mexico. The patented treatment is a chemical-free process that requires no sodium or potassium, making it safe for plants, pets and people with heart and blood pressure issues. It also operates without electricity, which can translate into real savings compared to conventional water treatment systems.

Another satisfied customer, Grace Aragon, says that she noticed the difference in her water, and her life, right away. “You don’t use as much water in the shower, and then you don’t have stains on any fixtures or my glass shower,” she says. Grace found the GMX treatment so effective for her home that she had it installed in the two other buildings she owns. “Larry was nice to work with because he follows up and arrives promptly to appointments. He gives you an estimated installation time and that’s exactly what it takes him!” Grace says.

Besides the benefits of saving your fixtures and appliances, lowering heating costs, and reviving skin and hair, GMX also has the advantage of working smoothly without a lot of worry and effort from homeowners.

Charlie and Margie Magistro especially like the ease of the GMX system. “It’s so simple. We really don’t have to do anything with it, no salt, no need to keep refilling, no complicated systems,” Charlie says. “We’ve noticed a lot of difference,” he says, “Using less detergent in the laundry, no stains on the coffee cups or faucets, when we wash our hair.” Larry, again has done his utmost in making it a pleasurable experience for his clients. “Customer service has been perfect. We are really pleased with the whole experience,” Charlie explains.

Larry hopes he can change your life with the benefits of the maintenance-free and safe GMX water treatment system. Lower heating bills, pristine fixtures, and healthier hair and skin can be yours sooner than you think. If you aren’t satisfied after using GMX for six months, you get your money back, says Larry.

Call Larry at (505) 699-2584 to schedule a free estimate, or to request an information package.


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