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Ever Consider Having a Roommate Again?

A student looking for peace and quiet could be an ideal roommate when living alone.
Matilda Charles, March 2018

Many seniors live alone, dreading the idea of having to move simply because the house has become more than they can handle on their own. Or perhaps property taxes have gone up and a $3 Social Security increase won’t cover it. But what if you had a roommate?

Your first instinct might be to shun the idea of reliving your college dorm days. You don’t want a stranger sharing your space. But what if you had someone to help shovel the walkway the next time it snows? Or someone whose rent payment means you’re financially able to stay in your home? Or even — on a friendlier level — You’ll gain someone to play chess or cards with, or just share a cup of coffee with in the morning?

If this is something you might start considering, you can start by calling the Senior Center, Council on Aging or a local social services office to ask if they know of a roommate matching service.

Once you locate one, be prepared to be extremely honest in what you’re looking for. If you can’t stand to be around people drinking alcohol, be open about it. If you go to bed early and need the house quiet by a certain time at night, say that, too. The more honest you are, the more likely you are to find a roommate who is compatible. Be sure to have credit and background checks done as well.

Another possible situation might be if there’s a college near you. An older student who’s tired of the noise of a dorm, needs peace and quiet to study and who might be struggling on a budget could be a surprisingly ideal living arrangement.


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