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Carpet Source Rewrites the Book on Flooring Buying

Sales consultant Tim Hickman of Carpet Source shows a book of carpet samples to customer. The company sells the latest styles of carpet, wood, laminate and tile flooring.
Patrick Rodriguez, June 2017
Don Lovato says that not all flooring dealers are the same. Then again, the New Mexico native would know a thing or two about the ins and outs of the industry. He’s the owner of Carpet Source, which for the past 25 years has been helping customers in the metro area make sense of the hundreds of flooring options available, having earned numerous awards for customer service while maintaining an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.

But experience, knowledge and accolades aside, what really separates Carpet Source from the competition is a mobile showroom — a 40-square-foot van that allows the company to offer an efficient way to showcase the latest trends and styles in carpet, wood, laminate and tile flooring. In other words, customers no longer have to visit a large showroom, sort through hundreds of samples and compete for the attention of busy sales clerks to purchase quality, high-end flooring.

How does it work? During an in-home appointment with Carpet Source, a consultant will bring in sample books from a specially outfitted van, inspect the light and décor of the home, and pay special attention to the customer’s flooring needs. “This will give the consultant an idea of what will work best for the customer — not a pre-determined list of products that might fit the bill,” explains Lovato. “We wholeheartedly want to provide customers with the best service and most convenient selection process.”

Carpet Source also makes use of the latest technology to gather accurate measurements. Using laser equipment to calculate size, the consultant can upload measurements to a computer program via Bluetooth, and within 20 minutes after the selection process the customer will receive an accurate floor plan and layout with a typed quote. “The mobile showroom definitely allows for greater efficiency, which means customers wait less and pay less,” says Lovato.

But Carpet Source doesn’t just rely on quality products and services. Lovato’s also a strong advocate for educating customers about the intricacies of flooring, because, he says, “It will lead to a better buying experience.”

For instance, the company’s website (www.carpetsourceusa.com) features informative videos that cover carpet and flooring topics that aren’t very common. “Customers tell us all the time that they feel more comfortable about buying flooring for their home after viewing the videos,” he says.

To further help customers make the right flooring decision, Lovato has written a book on the topic, titled “The Ultimate Consumer Awareness Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Selecting the Right Carpet or Flooring — But Didn’t Know To Ask!” And he’s giving away a copy of the book to customers who schedule an in-home appointment with a consultant.

Are you worried about potentially harmful contaminates during the remodeling process? Carpet Source goes to great lengths to makes sure their products are formaldehyde free, and compliant with the California Air Resources Board standards of formaldehyde emissions controls. “Ninety-five percent of Carpet Source’s wares are made in the United States, and all materials are proven safe for use in any space, from homes to retail,” notes Lovato.

Along with making decisions on your flooring in the comfort of your home, the Carpet Source team of consultants can work around your schedule. And to make the scheduling process easier, there is an app on the Carpet Source website that allows customers to set up an appointment for the day and time that’s convenient for them. In addition, customers can use the calculator app on the website to work out a budget.

Many testimonials highlight the care and expertise of the Carpet Source staff. One satisfied customer notes: “The measuring technology, timely quote, quality of the carpet and professional staff that we worked with will keep us using Carpet Source for our flooring needs.”

In addition to helping customers make the best decisions for new flooring, Carpet Source is adamant about providing the best, fastest and safest removal for old flooring. In particular, Lovato is proud of the company’s dust-free tile removal system, which he says is the only such system of its kind in Albuquerque.

Contact with crystalline silica dust when removing tile can lead to the development of disabling and sometimes fatal lung diseases, notes Lovato. “That kind of exposure could put not only the installer at risk, but household members as well,” he explains. “We go through a lot of measures to make sure there’s no dust. We use HEPA filters, place vacuums at multiple touch points, and place discarded tiles from the home straight to the trash in protective covering. You can’t rent this type of removal equipment.”

Carpet Source’s careful attention and execution allows customers to stay in their homes during this important procedure and leaves behind no dust or other toxins, notes Lovato. “We can remove up to 1,000 square feet of tile in one day,” he explains. “Half of the dust-free process is the actual technique and the other half involves setting up the equipment.

“We have customers who tell us that they don’t want to replace their tile or floor because it will cause too much of a mess,” he continues. “But we can come in and do it in a day with very little disturbance.”

Regarding Carpet Source’s tile removal, one customer writes: “The tile/hardwood demolition was done in about half the time I thought it was going to take, and with way less dust then I thought it was going to create. In fact, here was no dust at all. Dust-free tile removal in Albuquerque is now a reality.”

Carpet Source accepts secure forms of credit card payments, and the company utilizes a state-of-the-art mobile application that makes ordering and scheduling installations quick and painless. “On installation day, count on Carpet Source to use the highest-quality installers to ensure complete satisfaction,” says Lovato.

To make your home a beautiful, comfortable place for you and your family and friends, start by visiting the Carpet Source website, or call 315-2700 to schedule an in-home appointment today with a consultant.


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