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Carlisle Offers Experienced Home Remodeling Services

Albuquerque-based Carlisle Builders remodeled this kitchen.
Chris Mayo, May 2017

If you’re considering renovating or adding on to your home, or maybe selling and buying a new home, you probably want to work with someone who is experienced and willing to discuss options with you. You probably also want someone who cares about providing you with the highest quality results, too.

Assuming that’s the case, contacting Michael or Nancy Carlisle is a pretty safe bet. The Carlisle’s have been in the construction business for over 40 years and in real estate for more than 30. You would be hard pressed to find a local contractor who has been in business longer.

But the business owner is not always the one who does the physical work. Carlisle Builders boasts a list of long-term employees, many of whom have been with the company for over 15 years. It is a great example of a company that values experience. “I got my GB2 license when I was only 21,” says Michael. “Not long after that, I got my GB98 General Contractor’s license. We’ve been building new homes and remodeling existing homes ever since.”

Not many companies stay in business without doing something right, and it usually takes more than just talent. Sure, that’s critically important, but it’s probably just as important to possess strong customer service skills and attention to detail.

“Customer service begins on the first contact,” explains Michael. “I’ve always tried to listen closely to every customer. I want to understand what they are picturing. It’s very satisfying to get to the point at which I feel like I truly understand what the customer wants, and the customer understands that I understand. Without that full understanding at the beginning, it’s awfully tough to have a perfect result at the end.”

Nancy approaches real estate in much the same way. “We want to enhance all aspects of your home ownership,” she says. “That starts with understanding what people want in a home, whether it’s a new home or a renovation of their existing home. We’re ready to assist in all aspects of our customer’s home ownership.”

Customer service works the same way in real estate as it does in construction, notes Michael. “When we started out as real estate agents, it was partly because we recognized the customer service skills we saw as so vital to the construction business would serve us well in a real estate business, too,” he recalls. “If you take time to understand what someone wants in a home and don’t waste a bunch of time showing them houses that won’t work for them, you’re on the right track.”

Many of us have heard stories about, or perhaps experienced, contractors who try to inflate their price midway through a project, and about real estate agents who show houses outside your price range. Michael and Nancy will not do that.

“New construction is pretty straightforward if you understand the blueprints before you provide a price,” says Michael. “With remodels, however, sometimes you find unanticipated things when you start to open up walls or tear up floors. Even when that happens, we try really hard not to change the quoted price. We just understand that with remodeling unanticipated challenges might arise when we start to open up walls. We tend to deal with unanticipated things and just accept that as part of the joy of remodeling.”

On the real estate side, Nancy prefers to focus on the present, as the market is often much more fluid and changeable than construction, she notes. “The spring invigorates us and it also invigorates the real estate market,” she says. “We often dust off our winter blues and take stock of our surroundings. In real estate this is usually the time when people choose to take on projects in their homes or decide to sell and either downsize or go for something more expansive. Either way we can help your hopes bloom into reality with an upgrade to your existing home or helping you sell and buy a new home. Whatever your desires are, we’re here to help everyone realize their dreams and find that perfect slice of enchantment.”

It would be reasonable to assume that Michael and Nancy have spent much of their lives concentrating on business to the exclusion of other things such as family and community. That’s not the case. While they were building their business, they were also growing a vibrant and thriving family. They have raised six children, all of whom are now successful adults, and they are active with their grandchildren. Also, they’re active members of their church community and avid supporters of UNM athletics.

With all that he has going on — business, family and church — Michael finds time to add to the list of services he offers to customers. Last year he began building C-Thru Sunrooms. C-Thru is the original manufacturer of entirely glass (ceilings and walls) sunrooms, notes Michael.

If you really want to make a difference in your kitchen, bathroom, or other area of your home, give Carlisle Builders a call today at 991-1616.

To see a full gallery of work completed by Carlisle Builders, visit www.houzz.com and type in Carlisle Builders in the search bar. Customers are also encouraged to visit the company’s website at www.carlislebuildersco.com. For real estate needs, go to www.nancycarlisle.com.


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