Keeping Fit

5 Ways To Feel Good While Getting Fit

Updating your fitness wardrobe can provide some morning motivation to get out of bed.
February 2018

Lack of motivation, unpreparedness and busy schedules have a way of interfering with our fitness goals. Even after a great start, you may still find yourself struggling to find motivation to stay on track. Try one of these tips to make it easier to make your fitness regimen stick and most importantly — feel good while getting fit.

• Get a workout buddy

If getting out of bed is your biggest challenge, it’s time to use the phone-a-friend solution for some motivation. Find someone you like who’s at a similar fitness level and make plans to meet up for a workout. You’ll be more likely to show up when you know someone’s waiting for you.

• Streamline your routine

Don’t let your fear of sweat keep you from getting fit. Make smart use of the tools they have at the gym. Grab some extra towels and pound out that treadmill run with the high-powered fan on full blast. If the lines for the showers are making you late, cleansing cloths, like those from Summer’s Eve can also be a lifesaver.

• Inspire your ears

If the thought of sprinting and lifting your way through the next circuit bores you to tears, try uploading your playlist with fast-paced music that gets your heart racing. If it makes you feel good, you’ll be more likely to experience a positive workout.

• Be ready for action

As soon as you’re home from your session, re-pack your gym bag as soon as possible so you’ll never waste a moment hunting around the house for your workout gear, such as sneakers, earbuds and products that help you ease back into your day.

• Update your attire

Ever notice how easy it is to get out of bed when you know you have a new outfit to wear to work? Feeling good about how you look can put a spring in your step and motivate you to get up and out the door. When you notice that your fitness routine is lagging, sprucen up your workout attire.


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