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5 Easy Ideas to Get Ahead of Pet Hair in Your Home

Brushing your pet every day can help control shedding.
January 2018

From their loyal ways to their silly antics, pets bring so much joy to homes. While you wouldn’t trade any of the cuddles, one thing most pet owners don’t find quite as lovable is all the pet hair. The good news is that there are ways to keep it under control. Here are a few simple steps to keep your home clean and free from pet hair (at least until that next shake).

• Embrace your inner groomer. The best way to deal with pet hair in your home is to stop it even before it starts. Regularly grooming your pet will help control pet hair and shedding. Get into the habit of brushing your pet each day. They’ll enjoy the extra attention, and you’ll be able to collect and dispose of their hair before it gets everywhere else.

• Use a vacuum designed to pick up pet hair. After you’ve used a conventional vacuum that fails to pick up your dog or cat’s hair a couple of times, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve had enough. Get your hands on a vacuum specifically designed for the job.

• Strategically place throw rugs around the house. Carpet and rugs are a magnet for pet hair, use them to your advantage! Place throw rugs in areas your cat or dog frequents and they can collect the lion’s share of the shedding before the hair infiltrates every nook and cranny. Then you can easily vacuum those rugs.

• Give your pet a designated hang-out spot. While your favorite four-legged companion is hanging out around the house, offer them an extra comfy spot or two on the floor with large throw pillows or a pet bed so they have their own space. They’ll spend much of their time in these cozy spots and it will help you by making the area to clean smaller.

• Washable slipcover. There’s no reason to cut out couch cuddles with your fluffy friend. A washable slipcover for your furniture can help to protect furniture from hair and messes. Contemporary slipcovers are made of soft cloth, are easy to remove and look great. Most you can even throw in your washing machine to easily to remove the hair. In between washings, using vacuum attachments will help keep your couch hair free —(BPT).


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