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4 Hacks to Save Even More on Grocery Bills

Despite taking more time, opting for fresh produce can save you more at the store.
Jen Freeman, March 2018

Short of finding a way to strike it rich, saving money by seeking out spending reductions can still feel like a big win. Eliminating certain items from your grocery cart by using replacement items can earn you an increase on your bottom line.

• Pre-Cut Foods — These items can often be much more convenient but tend to be double the price of uncut items. Prepare your own fruits and vegetables one day a week. It may take you a bit more time, but the savings will be worth it. Over the years, I’ve learned to organize and chop ingedients quickly to be as time-efficient as I can.

• Canned Beans — Comparing dry beans to canned, a 2-pound bag of dry black beans cost about $2 and once soaked will make 96 ounces of beans. Canned black beans cost about $1 for 14 ounces. Utimately, dry beans will cost you $.02 per ounce while canned will come out to about $.07 per ounce.

• Jarred Spaghetti Sauce — It may seem easier to simply pick up a jar and add it to your dish, however unless it’s under a $1, don’t do it. Instead, opt for a big pot-full of crushed tomatoes, sprinkle in spices with a simple recipe, and package in small portions. You can also freeze it to use on other dishes later on.

• Individualized Servings — Try buying ingredients in bulk or large portions and make your own individual packages. Bulk items are typically reduced in price overall and can easily save you $125 a year.

Jen Freeman is a couponing expert and lifestyle coach. You can visit her website at


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