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New Mexicans might be accustomed to the state’s often- intense sun, but can the same be said for their wood floors and cabinets? The answer is no, say Kati and Glenn Buckland, owners of N-Hance, a wood refinishing company. more
1. MEASUREMENTS: How long is a cubit? 2. MEDICAL: What malady would you have if you suffered from “striae gravid arum”? 3. TELEVISION: What long-running soap opera is set in Genoa … more
On Dec. 31, 1968, the Soviet Union's TU-144 supersonic airliner makes its first flight. In 1973 at the Paris Air Show, the TU-144 broke up from stress at 1,500 feet when a French Mirage spy aircraft photographing the TU-144 from above forced its pilot to abruptly level off. more
There is no disputing that digital health tech can produce massive amounts of data. But that data, on its own, is not always useful. The real value comes from translating that data into personalized and actionable information and putting it into the hands of people whose health might depend on those facts. more
A strong housing market is giving homeowners the confidence to invest in remodeling. In fact, homeowner spending on improvements and repairs is expected to approach $340 billion in 2018, an increase of 7.5 percent from 2017. more
The art of the roast is simple. Put a marshmallow on a stick and rotate slowly over coals just long enough to turn the white outside a toasty golden brown. But as all experienced marshmallow roasters know, one second too long and the caramelized crisp instantly turns charcoal black. Patience is the key, a good lesson for rookie roasters of any age. more
Nearly 50 percent of produce in the US is thrown away before it reaches your plate, according to USDA estimates. This waste not only affects the environment, it impacts shoppers’ wallets, as well. The average family of four discards $1,600 of food each year, according to a study published by the International Journal on Food System Dynamics. more
For many, retirement doesn’t necessarily mean rest and relaxation or taking the time for things you want to do. Instead, the word “retire” could mean that others assume you’ll have lots of time to do things for them. The expectations can start the instant you retire, and schedules can ultimately fill up fast. more
Going to the grocery store hungry and cruising the store aisles while your stomach is growling could mean overbuying and bad news for your grocery budget. Here are a few more tricks that will help you cash in on savings when you are grocery shopping. more
The Natural Lighting Company, a family owned and operated business, is a Premier Dealer in New Mexico for Solatube products, installations and do-it-yourself kits since 1996. The products include Solatube Daylighting Systems, Solar Star Attic Fans and now, Whole House Fans that can help cool your enitre home. more
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