Ad Specifications

Accepted File Formats

New Mexico MarketPlace is produced and made ready for printing by computer. Only digital ads can be accepted. When you provide New Mexico MarketPlace with a digital ad file, we acceptonly the following formats on CD, USB Drive or via e-mail. You can also send the file from an online application such as or

  •  File Types
    • Adobe Indesign
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe PDF File (See instructions below)

Be sure to use a collect program such as Adobe Indesign Package to collect all images and fonts (printer and screen fonts, postscript only, no true type fonts accepted). If using Adobe Illustrator, convert all fonts to outlines and embed all images. All images must by CMYK and uncompressed .tif files. Be sure to set trapping for white objects to knockout. This is especially important to do before distilling your PDF file.

Acrobat Distiller Job Options for PDF Print Job Submission

PDF files are created from PostScript print files using the Adobe Acrobat Distiller program. Also, the better desktop publishing packages are able to output directly to a PDF file. However, except for Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw, many desktop publishing programs write PostScript to convert to PDF, even when using the export option. Even though those programs will directly write PDFs, PDFs created from PostScript are more compatible with our printer's software.

For high quality printing, it is of utmost importance to retain as much image detail as possible. Even though this increases the PDF file size, it will also produce the best quality for printing. We recommend submitting the PDF file either via e-mail, or on a CD, if possible.

Various settings are available when creating the PDF. Not all of them are appropriate for optimum print quality. For example, some settings are designed to reduce the final size of the PDF file so that it can be transferred quickly over the Internet. Unfortunately, this also reduces the quality of the document, and is not suitable for use in printing. We recommend using the medium compression when compressing files. Using medium compression will result in a good file size and no noticeable decrease in quality. Also, before distilling your file, make sure all images are CMYK and all white objects are set to knock out.

Recommended Settings: Acrobat Distiller

In Distiller, you have the choice of modifying the PDF settings before you create the file from your PostScript file. We recommend the following settings:

On the "General" Tab

  • Compatibility: Set to Acrobat 4.0 (PDF 1.3)
  • Object-Level Compression: Set to Tags Only
  • Auto-Rotate Pages: Set to Off
  • Binding: Set to Left
  • Resolution: Set to 2400 dots per inch
  • All Pages: Checked
  • Default Page Size: Can be left as whatever it is when you open this window, as it won't affect the PDF

On the "Images" Tab

  • Color Images and Grayscale Images have the same settings.
    • Do Not Downsample
    • Compression: Set to Automatic (JPEG)
    • Image Quality: Set to Maximum 
  • Monochrome Images
    • Do Not Downsample
    • Compression CCITT Group 4
    • Anti-Alias to Gray: Set to Off

On the "Font Embedding" Tab

  • Embed All Fonts should be Checked.
  • Subset embedded fonts when percent of characters used should be Checked and set to 100%
  • When embedding fails should be set to Cancel Job.
  • Never Embed Fonts: There should be NOTHING in this box.

On the "Color" Tab

  • Settings File should be set to Color Management Off.
  • Preserve Under Color Removal should be Unchecked.
  • When transfer functions are found should be set to Remove.
  • Preserve Halftone Information should be Unchecked.

On the "Advanced" Tab (The following boxes should be checked, the remainder left unchecked.)

  • Allow Postscript file to override Adobe PDF Setting
  • Preserve Level 2 copypage semantics
  • Save Adove PDF Settings inside PDF file
  • Save Original JPEG images in PDF if possible
  • Process DSC Comments
    • Preserve EPS information from DSC
    • Preserve document information from DSC
    • Resize page and center artwork for EPS files

On the "Standards" Tab

  • Compliance Standard should be set to None. (This should gray out the rest of the options.)
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